8 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin optimization tipsLinkedIn is a social media platform that professionals use to expand their contact networks, advance their careers and launch new business endeavors. Your LinkedIn profile is extremely important because it is the first impression you make on people who could help your business or your career. That is why it is critically important to write a great LinkedIn summary that will make people want to know more about you and become part of your network. Continue reading

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Creating and Promoting Compelling Content Through Blogging

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A Cautionary Tale of Aggressive SEO

How to Avoid Penalties and Fix Things When They Go Wrong

I spoke at Joomla World Conference in Boston.

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WordCamp Chicago 2013 Session Mindmap

 Sunday Sessions 

Sunday Sessions and Accessibility & WordPress: Developing for the Whole World by Joe in wcchi / Scott Offord (offordscott)

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“SEO Extended” WordPress Plugin

SEO Extended WordPress PluginJust launched June 7th. New SEO plugin that extends Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. Continue reading

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How to Hide the DS_Store Icon on Your Mac Desktop

It’s not possible to completely get rid of .DS_Store on your Mac’s desktop if you still want to be able to view hidden files in the Finder, but here’s a way to make .DS_Store a little less annoying. Continue reading

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What is the Future of SERP Tracking?

Faced with the dilemma of complying with Google’s terms of services or continuing to provide Internet marketers and website owners with keyword ranking data, Raven Tools chooses not to allow their subscribers to track SERPS any more.

So, it looks like Raven users will either have to find a new rank tracking tool or find new ways to track the effects that rankings have on a website’s traffic volumes. Either that, or just go out to find another tool that will continue to provide ranking reports instead. Continue reading

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Help! My Google Voice Number Still Works, But Is No Longer Associated With My Google Apps Email Address.

Solved! See bottom of post for an update!

It seems that my Google Voice number (262) 204-7265 is no longer accessible from my Google Apps account: [email protected]

I originally set up my Google Voice number to be associated with my Google Apps account. I had recently deleted that email address in order to turn it into an alias of Continue reading

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My Experience With Google Reconsideration Requests and Disavow Lists. Need Your Advice.

Black Friday truly is Thanksgiving’s annual after-party, but this year, for my Black Friday Ads website, it is an organic search nightmare.

Last year, I leveraged the Black Friday fever and made over $20,000 in the month of November by posting leaked Thanksgiving circulars on my site: thanksgivingblackfridayads.com (TBFA). Continue reading

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Social Media in the Workplace – Are You In or Out?

Social media in the workplace – in or out? If your first thoughts are visions of your employees wasting the day away playing games on Facebook or making their evening plans with friends on Twitter, it may benefit you to take a second look at what social media can do for you, your employees and your company these days. From solving tough problems to boosting productivity, the benefits of social media in the workplace far outweigh the time wasting fears that may be holding many business owners and employers back from utilizing these powerful tools.
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