8 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin optimization tipsLinkedIn is a social media platform that professionals use to expand their contact networks, advance their careers and launch new business endeavors. Your LinkedIn profile is extremely important because it is the first impression you make on people who could help your business or your career. That is why it is critically important to write a great LinkedIn summary that will make people want to know more about you and become part of your network. Continue reading

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Creating and Promoting Compelling Content Through Blogging

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Creating Compelling Content Through Blogging

Download this presentation now.

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A Cautionary Tale of Aggressive SEO

How to Avoid Penalties and Fix Things When They Go Wrong

I spoke at Joomla World Conference in Boston.

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cautionary tale of aggressive SEO #jwc13 Boston joomla conference

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My Latest Project… the Gaming Center at the Meetupery

Non-profit coworking & hackerspace in WI, The Meetupery, is creating a video gaming center in cooperation with Global Sight & Sound.

The Meetupery is a non-profit coworking and hackerspace in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Our goal is to buy and install six 26 inch HDTV’s mounted on the wall along our 31 foot bar-height counter in the Meetupery’s main meeting room.

The scope of this Kickstarter project will include 6 bluetooth headsets, wall mounts, and patch cables (VGA HDMI, RCA). We will also be buying 3 UPS battery backups for the WiFi router, the gaming consoles and TVs to provide uninterrupted gaming experience if the power goes out!

Global Sight and Sound Inc has agreed to donate their time and labor to professionally install the TV’s and additional patch bays, which will allow any gaming device to be connected.

Our grand plan (if we raise additional funds above and beyond our minimum) is to be able to project any of the TV’s onto the wall with our HD projector for the ultimate gaming experience!

View our Kickstarter page now!

This project can only work if you help us make it a success! Click the ‘Back This Project‘ button to chip in today.


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WordCamp Chicago 2013 Session Mindmap

 Sunday Sessions 

Sunday Sessions and Accessibility & WordPress: Developing for the Whole World by Joe in wcchi / Scott Offord (offordscott)

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“SEO Extended” WordPress Plugin

SEO Extended WordPress PluginJust launched June 7th. New SEO plugin that extends Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.

Download / Install



  • One page for viewing, editing, and deleting SEO Titles
  • One page for viewing, editing, and deleting Meta Descriptions
  • Filtering by Post Type and Post Status
  • Sorting by Page Title, Post Type, SEO Title, and Meta Description
  • User defined pagination
  • Save one at a time, or save all changes with one click

Upcoming Features

  • Live character counter for bulk title and meta description editors
  • Edit Title tags and meta descriptions of the “All-in-One SEO” plugin


This Plugin requires WordPress SEO by Yoast




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How to Hide the DS_Store Icon on Your Mac Desktop

It’s not possible to completely get rid of .DS_Store on your Mac’s desktop if you still want to be able to view hidden files in the Finder, but here’s a way to make .DS_Store a little less annoying.

First, right-click in the middle of the square below. A menu will appear. Then, choose ‘Copy Image’. (This will copy a transparent PNG file to your clipboard.)

transparent png

Right-click in the middle of the square above.

right-click select copy image

Select the “Copy Image” option in the menu.

right-click .ds_store select Get Info

Right-click the .DS_Store icon on your desktop and select ‘Get Info’ from the menu.

when icon selected border around

An info panel will appear. Press ‘tab’ once or click on the white icon in the top/left corner of the window to highlight the icon.

press tab once click white highlight icon

Once highlighted, paste the image that is in your clipboard press Command+V.

ds_store icon goes transparent

The .DS_Store icon goes transparent.

ds store is now transparent on desktop of mac

Deselect the icon on your desktop and you’ll then only see the icon label.

This tutorial was adapted from superuser.com.


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What is the Future of SERP Tracking?

Faced with the dilemma of complying with Google’s terms of services or continuing to provide Internet marketers and website owners with keyword ranking data, Raven Tools chooses not to allow their subscribers to track SERPS any more.

So, it looks like Raven users will either have to find a new rank tracking tool or find new ways to track the effects that rankings have on a website’s traffic volumes. Either that, or just go out to find another tool that will continue to provide ranking reports instead. Continue reading

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Help! My Google Voice Number Still Works, But Is No Longer Associated With My Google Apps Email Address.

Solved! See bottom of post for an update!

It seems that my Google Voice number (262) 204-7265 is no longer accessible from my Google Apps account: [email protected]

I originally set up my Google Voice number to be associated with my Google Apps account. I had recently deleted that email address in order to turn it into an alias of [email protected] instead of being a separate inbox.

A couple of week later, I realized that, by deleting my email account and using an email alias, I had inadvertently cut myself off from being able to log into my Google Voice account.

Now, the number still works… I can receive voicemails to that number still, but I can’t seem to figure out how to gain access to the account in order to change settings.

I need help. Here’s the steps I’ve taken so far to try to troubleshoot this.

Searched for support in Google

Used the google voice forgot username form

Instructions supportedly sent to my email address, but never arrived

No email arrived, so I recreated email account in google apps

I tried deleting my account and added the email address as alias instead to another address instead

I tried getting login instructions sent again to alias this time, no luck

I checked multiple account but no instuctions to be found

I called my google voice number and left a vm to make sure the number still works. it does

I received voicemail via email just fine


I deleted the alias from google apps and tied seeing if I could log in as an old “personal” google accounts account, but no luck

I tried a third time to get info sent to email address on file with no luck

I then recreated the account in google apps as a separate email address again

I logged into Google Voice with the [email protected] email address but it wanted me to sign up for a new phone number

I found the google voice “transfer account troubleshooter”

I found the “transfer google voice number to another account” support page on google, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I tried the account transfer process to see if it was what I needed, but alas, it was not what I was in need of

It brought me to an instructions page to turn on multiple sign-in so I gave up on that

So, as you can see, I need Google’s help getting back into my account or re-associating my phone number back into my account some how.

Any ideas? Could you point me in the right direction?

I posted a question in the Google Voice Support Forum here if you are interested in following this story or able to chime in:

~ Scott O

Update: Google Voice Account Transfer is in progress! See screenshot below:

Google Voice Account Transfer is in process!

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My Experience With Google Reconsideration Requests and Disavow Lists. Need Your Advice.

Black Friday truly is Thanksgiving’s annual after-party, but this year, for my Black Friday Ads website, it is an organic search nightmare.

Last year, I leveraged the Black Friday fever and made over $20,000 in the month of November by posting leaked Thanksgiving circulars on my site: thanksgivingblackfridayads.com (TBFA).

How did I do that? Recognizing a profitable opportunity, I put Google Adsense on my site and also used a few affiliate programs like CJ,  Linkshare and Amazon Associates to make money from ad clicks and commission on referral sales.

Anyways, traffic usually spikes at my TBFA website every year just after Halloween, when shoppers start thinking about holiday sales. Visitors usually flood to my site hoping to get an early peek at the Black Friday ads.

The year-over-year growth of TBFA had been astounding… that is, until this 2012 Black Friday.  Google penalized my site because of bad links built to my site last year.

I tried removing the bad links and requested a reconsideration on Google Webmaster Tools earlier in the year. Google wrote back and on Oct 19th told me my site still has bad links pointing at it. So, later than night, I uploaded a massive disavow list and then requested another reconsideration. It’s been 20 days and another reconsideration request later (just to make sure they got my first one) and I still haven’t heard back from Google.

I’m afraid that they are so overwhelmed by the excitement around their new disavow tool that perhaps they are getting way behind on processing requests. Or, maybe a Google employee decided they didn’t like my site and perhaps thought I didn’t do a thorough enough job of disavowing bad links? Or.. maybe they just want me to suffer this year and will magically reconsider my site once Black Friday madness is over and its too late for me to make money from organic traffic?

I know I’m probably reading too much into this and taking it way to personally, but it’s hard not to, especially when I know the other Black Friday sites out there. This is where I could really use your advice. I’ve tried everything in my power and I’m losing hope.

Well, anyways, this year, organic traffic is down over 95% from last year due to the Google penalty. It doesn’t help either, I suppose, that Yahoo/Bing decided to globally deindex almost any site that had the words “Black Friday” in its domain name last year too.

For the past three years I had consistently been gaining 500 to 1,000% increase in visitor traffic, each year attracting more visitors than previously projected, as documented here: https://pagodabox.com/case-studies/scale-wordpress-case-study.

Actually, this year, because of streamlining and optimizing placement of Adsense ads, I’m making around 2 cents every time someone visits my website. Last year I was only making around half a cent because I didn’t have large banner ads and they weren’t placed optimally. So, at least I’m still making enough to pay my expenses this year, but I can only imagine how much more traffic and $$$ I could have been making if Google allowed my site to rank again.

Here’s an example of how my site is ranked this week for 10 sample keywords compared to my competitors who employed the same SEO tactics I did last year.

So, that is my dilema.  Any advice before Black Friday 2012 passes in the wind and I remain penalized?

UPDATE, Nov 9, 2012 8:33AM CST: I’m tracking a couple of conversations about this here: http://redd.it/12wfuq and http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4761514. Could you help me get a little lift in visibility for those posts? Perhaps leave a comment or vote on the post on reddit or ycombinator? Thanks.

Update, Nov 15th 7:55PM CST:

I just heard back from Google finally. It was denied again! It was 10/19/12 that I uploaded my first disavow list and sent in a reconsideration request.

Do you think I should upload an even more agressive disavow list?

Here’s a list of all of my links as seen in Google Webmaster Tools today.

Can anyone tell me if there are ANY links in there that I should keep? Because… I’m thinking about disavowing at least 90% of those links. (I’ve already disavowed a good 75% of them already).

Any ideas?

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