“Tech Milwaukee” ~ An Initiative of the School Factory and Orion Group

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the Tech Milwaukee initiative with James Carlson of the School Factory.

Tech Milwaukee is a diverse group of meetups and meetup organizers who love technology. As the website states, “It’s nothing fancy or overly official.” It’s an initiative that gives a glimpse into the vibrant Web, tech, hacker and maker community in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Orion Group is looking to become the founding sponsor of this joint effort between the School Factory, Bucketworks, and the Milwaukee area technology community. Tech Milwaukee will help the tech community in Milwaukee by making it easier for the meetup and conference organizers to run their meetings by providing them with food and drinks during their meetups and free space in which to conduct their meetings.

In the Memorandum of Agreement between Orion Group and School Factory, it is stated, “A desired result of this program is for the Milwaukee tech community leaders and influencers to realize that Bucketworks fosters a collaborative learning and working environment and is a viable location to host monthly meetups and annual unconferences.”

Our goal is for Bucketworks to be established as the homebase for the tech community in Milwaukee, which is made up of the various technology-related meetup groups that meet at Bucketworks, for instance, Web414, Milwaukee WordPress Meetup, HTML5 Meetup, DC414, WordCamp, BarCamp and many more.

So, be sure to check out the new (still in alpha testing) techmilwaukee.com website and let me know what you think in the comments area of this blog post here.

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