I’m Speaking at WordCamp Chicago 2012!

Click this “Tweet” button now to tell the world you are attending my session Sunday at 11:30AM:

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Developing an SEO Content Generation Strategy

No matter how many times Google updates its algorithms, one thing continues to remain true: Fresh, unique content is king. If you’re not willing to devote the time and effort that are needed to create fresh, relevant content, you can’t hope to succeed in the online marketing game. Continue reading

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iOS App Development: Beginning with the User in Mind

When gadget owners use their iPad or iPhone application, what they really want is convenience. The last thing that these people need is to be overwhelmed or confused with the functionalities of app offers. The iOS app development and all the people behind this process are the ones that are responsible for the creation of a successful app. Continue reading

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My Sister, ChrissyW… Specializing in Digital Scrapbooking Templates

In the world of scrapbooking, one name is evident… “ChrissyW”. Perhaps I’m a little biased though. After all, she is my sister! Continue reading

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Setting Up Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand and Competitors

For any emerging or established business, staying on top of your competitors is a must. Any PR moves, announcements, offers, improved or altered services of a competitor could have a direct impact on your business operations, or even customer and client expectations. Continue reading

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Hiring a Professional Google Adwords Consultant

Setting up and starting a Google AdWords account is deceivingly simple. To beginners, the process is quick and straightforward. However, Google’s paid search marketing program has a surprising number of nuances under its plain veneer. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Google Analytics Qualified Consultant

What exactly does it mean to work with a Milwaukee Google Analytics qualified professional? Aren’t all search engine optimization professionals and online marketing firms the same? Isn’t success simply measured by the firm’s ability to increase traffic by improving a site’s authority and visibility in the search engines? Continue reading

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Conversion Rate Optimization

In a video on SEOmozCarlos del Rio talks about user-driven change and using conversion rate optimization to make great content.

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Wordcamp Chicago 2011

This Saturday and Sunday, the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup is showing our support at the Chicago WordCamp 2011.

To see the full schedule of events, click this link:
http://2011.chicago.wordcamp.org/2011-schedule/ Continue reading

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Ode to Google Website Optimizer

Ok, so this isn’t a true “Ode” in the most strict definition, but I wanted a catchy title, and I figure this would allow me to more easily personify my favorite conversion optimization tool,  Website Optimizer – the oft-neglected bastard child of Google. Continue reading

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