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How to Hide the DS_Store Icon on Your Mac Desktop

It’s not possible to completely get rid of .DS_Store on your Mac’s desktop if you still want to be able to view hidden files in the Finder, but here’s a way to make .DS_Store a little less annoying.

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What is the Future of SERP Tracking?

Faced with the dilemma of complying with Google’s terms of services or continuing to provide Internet marketers and website owners with keyword ranking data, Raven Tools chooses not to allow their subscribers to track SERPS any more. So, it looks like Raven users … Continue reading

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Conversion Optimization or Conversion-Crazy?

I have been thinking a lot lately about website landing page optimization. In my research over the last couple of years, I’ve stumbled across many great example of “good” landing pages that are pimped-out, converting machines. Now, in the back … Continue reading

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