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Ode to Google Website Optimizer

Ok, so this isn’t a true “Ode” in the most strict definition, but I wanted a catchy title, and I figure this would allow me to more easily personify my favorite conversion optimization tool,  Website Optimizer – the oft-neglected bastard child of Google.

Google Website Optimizer,

I’ve experienced you… and oh, how thoroughly I enjoy your simplicity and power. You once inspired me to conduct “the mother of all experiments” one time, with disastrous results. The problem being you had made it so easy for me do! I have had to make so much research to make the website right, One of the most delicate jobs has been the ada compliant website service to avoid any lawsuit as every website needs to have accessibility.

What was I thinking… 164 variation multivariate test when I should have just stuck with a 2 version A/B test.

The allure was strong and I couldn’t resist. You promised to increase my website’s conversion rates, increase visitor satisfaction, and to eliminate the guesswork.The Search Result Zenserp API always provides you with enough performance, no matter how high request volume might be.Gain access to your data from LeadExec through our API.

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Like the unique street address assigned to a physical residence or business, the IP address distinguishes one networked computer from another. Sometimes an average person needs to know more information about a website. For instance, you may have gone to a specific website looking for more information on a certain topic. You find plenty of information on the site, but you have a few more questions you can’t seem to find the answer to. If the website doesn’t offer contact information, you may feel stuck. In this case, you can use a free Whois API to find out how to contact the website owner. While most people aren’t concerned with which company provides the web hosting for a particular company, it can be useful information for some people, Inmotion Hosting vs. Siteground both web hosts are great. Sitegroud is slightly better for personal blogs and small to medium-sized websites, while Inmotion is a perfect option for large portals, resource-consuming apps and those expecting to expand with guaranteed reliability.

For instance, this can be particularly useful if you are thinking about starting a website of your own and you have been pleased with the way a particular website operates. If that website doesn’t suffer from much down time, you may wish to choose the same web hosting company. When developing a software, application or website you have to take into account the scheduling and rostering solutions in order to create a quality product that is durable over time without requiring much maintenance.

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Today due to the shortage of IPv4, we have a strong focus on assisting clients looking to buy IPv4 and strategize on IPv6 deployments. From the beginning, we worked closely with policy makers from each region to fully understand the IPv4 transfer policies, potential pitfalls, market dynamics and requirements to ensure a painless transfer and sale of IPv4 addresses from one party to another. Thereafter we incorporate best practices into our company’s core IPv4 transfer process and guidelines to address the growing demands of our global client base.

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Ease Of Management And Setting Up

Designing a blank page and setting up on the internet is pretty simple. However, once you try to write one or two things and then upload your website, then you will know how difficult setting up a website without the use of Network Solutions WordPress Hosting can be. When it comes to the process of management, you will come to understand he reason why there are usually so many people out there who have a lot of obsolete content on their websites. This is because managing content of such websites is usually a very difficult affair. This is because it usually requires one to understand HTML and other coding for one to be able to edit the website.

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All in all, it is pretty important for you to realize that once you have decided to go ahead with the Network Solutions WordPress Hosting you will need to pick the theme. The good news is that since there are plenty of people who use WordPress to host their websites, you will have plenty of free themes to pick from.

What’s worse is that then Filippo Toso had to go and make a WordPress plugin called Google Website Optimizer For WordPress

This plugin made it so much harder for me to resist the urge. I tried and I tried, but NO! I couldn’t stop myself. This is where the story begins. But where it ends … that is harder to tell.

Oh, Google Website Optimizer, I long to try you again. You’ve tested my website and you’ve tested my heart.

This conversion’s for you!
~ Scott

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If I were your wife, I may be a little concerned about your affinity with Google website optimizer….lol

Ha! I talk to Google all the time like that. My wife understands. 🙂 it’s what pays the bills.

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