My Sister, ChrissyW… Specializing in Digital Scrapbooking Templates

In the world of scrapbooking, one name is evident… “ChrissyW”. Perhaps I’m a little biased though. After all, she is my sister!

ChrissyW, most notable for her work in digital scrapbooking, creates digital scrapbooking templates for the use of other scrapbookers, available on the website ChrissyW’s templates are creative and strikingly unique. With a nod toward the whimsical, ChrissyW’s templates are designed down to the tiniest of details. Her emphasis on the details makes her a popular pick among digital scrapbookers. ChrissyW’s templates are made to be customized by the purchaser, making every page created with a ChrissyW design truly one-of-a-kind.

ChrissyW’s templates illustrate themes popular with her many followers. Her themes range from the staple seasonal and holiday themes, to hard-to-find themes such as her “SEW cute” kit which is sewing themed, or her “Lucky Bum,” a dog themed kit. Scrapbookers familiar with ChrissyW’s works of art find them easy to spot in a crowd, due to the always saturated colors, and fine-tuned elements that make her famous. Those lacking idea or direction are easily inspired after looking through ChrissyW’s templates, alphabets, papers, and elements. Against the characteristic vibrant colors and zealous designs, scrapbookers find that their photos and other memories simply bounce of the page.

Purchasing a template is really only half the fun. Adding to ChrissyW’s design with their own memories, photos, and style is a process scrapbookers relish. Scrapbookers, upon choosing and purchasing their design, have creative license to go wild with ChrissyW’s template. The raw materials provided give a thoughtful and fitting home for photos and other memories to live. While the creative leg work is already done, the templates inspire scrapbookers to bring their own touches to the design and customize the template, making the end result a cherished piece of personal art.

ChrissyW’s designs can be purchased in pieces or in larger kits to make things cost-effective for scrapbookers. Those looking for a truly individual design, made by a famous scrapbooker are quick to purchase from ChrissyW. The name associated with these works of art, and the trademark heavily designed themes make purchasing and using her designs a gratifying experience. ChrissyW’s digital scrapbooking templates can be found at

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