Help! My Google Voice Number Still Works, But Is No Longer Associated With My Google Apps Email Address.

Solved! See bottom of post for an update!

It seems that my Google Voice number (262) 204-7265 is no longer accessible from my Google Apps account:

I originally set up my Google Voice number to be associated with my Google Apps account. I had recently deleted that email address in order to turn it into an alias of instead of being a separate inbox.

A couple of week later, I realized that, by deleting my email account and using an email alias, I had inadvertently cut myself off from being able to log into my Google Voice account.

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Now, the number still works… I can receive voicemails to that number still, but I can’t seem to figure out how to gain access to the account in order to change settings.

I need help. Here’s the steps I’ve taken so far to try to troubleshoot this.

Searched for support in Google
Used the google voice forgot username form
Instructions supportedly sent to my email address, but never arrived
No email arrived, so I recreated email account in google apps
I tried deleting my account and added the email address as alias instead to another address instead
I tried getting login instructions sent again to alias this time, no luck
I checked multiple account but no instuctions to be found
I called my google voice number and left a vm to make sure the number still works. it does
I received voicemail via email just fine
I deleted the alias from google apps and tied seeing if I could log in as an old “personal” google accounts account, but no luck
I tried a third time to get info sent to email address on file with no luck
I then recreated the account in google apps as a separate email address again
I logged into Google Voice with the email address but it wanted me to sign up for a new phone number
I found the google voice “transfer account troubleshooter”
I found the “transfer google voice number to another account” support page on google, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.
I tried the account transfer process to see if it was what I needed, but alas, it was not what I was in need of
It brought me to an instructions page to turn on multiple sign-in so I gave up on that

So, as you can see, I need Google’s help getting back into my account or re-associating my phone number back into my account some how.

Any ideas? Could you point me in the right direction?

I posted a question in the Google Voice Support Forum here if you are interested in following this story or able to chime in:

~ Scott O

Update: Google Voice Account Transfer is in progress! See screenshot below:

Google Voice Account Transfer is in process!

3 thoughts on “Help! My Google Voice Number Still Works, But Is No Longer Associated With My Google Apps Email Address.

  1. Update: Matt Bariletti, Community Manager at Google Voice was able to find that my phone number actually got associated with another account of mine. I would never have thought to look in that account.

    So, now, I need to figure out how to get my Google Voice number disassociated with my random Gmail account and to once again become associated with my Google Apps account.

    Matt gave me this URL to perform a transfer back into my original account: “I want to transfer my Google Voice number to another account

    Now.. it’s time to give that a whirl!

    Thanks so much Matt!
    ~ Scott O.

  2. I had a problem with google voice phone number associations a while back too.

    Google voice was set up with my phone number. I decided to switch providers, and cell phone numbers. The new set up was fine, I was getting my messages & reading them no problem.

    About a year after the switch, I get a text, and a call to my google voice phone number, from a very angry mother! “This is a 13 year old girl’s phone, please stop leaving messages, I will be calling the authorities”

    OMG I never disassociated my old phone number, with my Google Voice account. Once my old phone number went back in use, a 13 year old was also getting all of my voice mail messages, and couldn’t get normal voice mail to work!
    The message that made the mom angry: from my husband “hey babe, don’t forget about date night tonight, can you wear that sexy blue dress” Understandable why she wanted to call the police. I laugh now, but I was actually very terrified while getting all of it straitened out.

    Luckily the provider knew me personally, and called the mother. I disassociated the phone number ASAP.

    Glad you have it working again.

  3. I have tried all the passwords I have ever used and cannot get into my Google account please help. Thank you. My phone number is 775.722.2157.

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