How to Hide the DS_Store Icon on Your Mac Desktop

It’s not possible to completely get rid of .DS_Store on your Mac’s desktop if you still want to be able to view hidden files in the Finder, but here’s a way to make .DS_Store a little less annoying.

First, right-click in the middle of the square below. A menu will appear. Then, choose ‘Copy Image’. (This will copy a transparent PNG file to your clipboard.)

transparent png
Right-click in the middle of the square above.
right-click select copy image
Select the “Copy Image” option in the menu.
right-click .ds_store select Get Info
Right-click the .DS_Store icon on your desktop and select ‘Get Info’ from the menu.
when icon selected border around
An info panel will appear. Press ‘tab’ once or click on the white icon in the top/left corner of the window to highlight the icon.
press tab once click white highlight icon
Once highlighted, paste the image that is in your clipboard press Command+V.
ds_store icon goes transparent
The .DS_Store icon goes transparent.
ds store is now transparent on desktop of mac
Deselect the icon on your desktop and you’ll then only see the icon label.

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21 thoughts on “How to Hide the DS_Store Icon on Your Mac Desktop

  1. Sweet! Thank you! This has been bothering ever since enabling hidden files. Wish I could hide it entirely just on the Desktop, but this works!

  2. Thanks for this. 🙂 After making the icon transparent, you can drag it to the bottom of your screen so that the text is just off screen too!

    1. oh and the instructions didn’t work exactly, but I just clicked on the icon itself in the preferences menu and pasted over that.

    1. Unfortunately, this will just cause OS X to create another .DS_Store, since it requires a file by that name.

  3. Thanks for the tip! Fortunately there’s a way of “completely hiding” the file from the desktop. Once you set the icon as a transparent img just drag the file to the edge of the desktop – this will hide the “DS_Store” text to the side…

    1. I got one even better! I don’t know about other OS, but in Yosemite, you can choose the label position (between bottom and right). After using this invisible icon, choose right side label, and drag icon to right edge somewhere. VOILA! Invisible. (^_^)

  4. That’s simply not true – if you want to completely hide the hidden files from your Desktop or file system (such as .DS_Store), fire up your terminal, and type the following:

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO; killall Finder /System/Library/CoreServices/

  5. Sorry for the post a few years later, but this is one of the first websites that appears upon searching “how to get rid of ds_store mac”.
    I just wanted to tell anyone who wanted to make their ds_store entirely invisible that they could paste this blank space in between these quotation marks: “ ” onto the name to change it. thus, after making the image transparent, the name is transparent.

  6. Haha, very funny. This image is in fact NOT just a transparent block, but there is a subtle image that shows up on a dark background.

  7. I got one much better. Right click on the file, go down to ¨Service” & click on ¨Erase with CleanMyMac¨. Once you are in the cleaning app, one click to erase the file and you will never see it again, goodbye..

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