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Miners for sale in the Western Hemisphere (Americas). Not for mining equipment located in Europe, China, Australia, Africa, etc. The sellers who post ads in this channel have been verified by @offordscott
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EVGA Supernova 1200P2 1200W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply for sale in Wisconsin. New in Box. Contact @offordscott
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MSI Radeon RX570 Gaming X for sale in Wisconsin. Contact @offordscott
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SQRL FK33 Forest Kitten 33 for sale in Wisconsin. Contact @offordscott
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Netgear 24 port smart managed pro switch for sale in Wisconsin. Contact @offordscott
WTS : High quality UL listed power cables for sale in the US, C13 to N5-15 (standard 3 pin power outlet plug), 1.5m (just under 5 ft), 16 AWG copper (up to 3000W). 6,700 pcs available. Cheap, DM for the price. @msav2000
12 Antminer S17+ 73TH/s in Los Angeles for Sale

$2020 USD each, not including shipping

MOQ: 12 unit minimum order quantity

Contact @offordscott Offer ID: #SOKH05
There is a fake Scott Offord making the rounds again this week. I will never ask you for BTC unless I send you an invoice.

If you receive a message from someone claiming to be me, forward their message to @validate_bot and contact me, the real Scott Offord at @offordscott

Thanks for all of you who reported this and/or questioned it. Always triple check.

No! I did not forget my Ledger / Trezor at home. I don’t own one.
Please be careful when posting WTB (Want to Buy) messages in Telegram groups.

You WILL be contacted by look-a-like scammer accounts pretending to be legitimate sellers.

Their telegram handles might look almost identical to a real seller's username or the person might just be an outright scammer.

Please report scams here: @CryptoMiningScams
Do you have unused Bitmain coupons right now? Please message @offordscott If you would like to make a few bucks.
In USA, I have: T17e 53T @ $1,250 USD for sale

In Canada, I have: T17 40T @ $1,050 USD for sale

All are new in box, not including shipping. 

Offer ID: #SOT17 via @offordscott
Cleanest, most well maintained used miners out there

Avalon 841 13.5 TH w/ psu - 2,464 qty

MOQ 450 - $40 each
Take all - $35 each

Avalon 821 11.5 TH w/ psu - 3,500 qty

MOQ 500 - $30
Take All - $25

Controllers Included

as low as $2.22 per TH

📧 joe@cryptech.solutions

Offer ID: #js 1226-1 via @joe_cryptech
I'm looking to buy Bitmain coupons right now.

Please message me if you have any that you'd like to sell.

Offer ID: #Coupon via @offordscott
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