New and Improved This Week! 189A 3-Phase PDU for Mining Farms

On the front, there are 3 breakers. Each breaker is 63 amps. One breaker for every bank of four C19 receptacles for a total of 12-ports. Each bank shares the load across all 4 outlets evenly.

For miners under 3600W each. For a total of 43200W.

Inside, there is a terminal block to which you would connect bare wire (4-wire or 5-wire) from your transformer.

On the back, there is a cable strain/gland for the power cable to come through.

Made with all UL-listed parts.

Each PDU is $135 USD, not including shipping from China (around $45 including tariff/duty top USA).

Offer ID: #SOPDU Contact: @offordscott