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WTS Antminer S17+ <\/b>\ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8<\/b><\/i>Condition<\/b>: 9\/10Price and Quantity Available:<\/b> S17+ 67TH<\/b> - $1,273 per unit, 64 UnitsS17+ 70TH<\/b> - $1,330 per unit, 800 UnitsS17+ 73TH<\/b> - $1,387 per unit, 92 UnitsS17+ 76TH<\/b> - $1,444 per unit, 103 Units\ud83c\udf0e<\/b><\/i> Location: USA <\/b>\ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8<\/b><\/i> 1. All miners have been tested and have 3 working hashboards 2. All miners in original boxes 3. Units conditions 9 from 10 4. All miners have Bitmain stock firmware 5. All miners on pallets ready to ship within 3 days after payment 6. Location: USA<\/b>-50% financing up to $200,000 with 10% APR with Firmware, Management and PoolContact Sales: @GuinOverly<\/a> or Guin@wattum.ioLot ID #WE077<\/a>#Antminer<\/a> #ASIC<\/a> #Wattum<\/a> #S17<\/a> \ September 18Equipment for Sale (Channel) \u2192 @WMiningEquipment<\/a>W_Firmware for S17 \u2192 @WFirmwareNBot<\/a><\/div>\n\n